Waterproof Concrete


Watertight / waterproof concrete has become quite popular in the Construction of Water retaining structures in the last decade, ie. Basements, Lift pits, Retaining Walls, Swimming pools, and concrete facades.  This type of concrete solution offers considerable cost savings to all parties within the Construction build, from Designers, Contractors, and End-users.  Our developed watertight concrete material contains properties that help to remove the requirement for additional finishes or external membranes commonly known as ‘tanking’ with minimal maintenance - once the Concrete is placed, compacted, and cured correctly, the finished Concrete structure will not leak. 


Through our extensive technical knowledge with waterproof and watertight concrete, we have delivered numerous watertight Readymix projects with large Contractors throughout the Munster region.  Our ability to offer full technical services when specifying a waterproof / watertight concrete gives the Contractor and more importantly the end-user, the peace of mind that the finished structure is fit for purpose. 

Using the excellence of our Chemical admixture suppliers we have developed a watertight concrete that has an increased density and reduced water/cement ratio, thus decreasing the number of capillary pores within the concrete matrix.  Combine this with the presence of a watertight chemical admixture within our mix – the end result is a material that is optimum to enhance the concrete material’s hydrophobic properties. 


Through our supply chain, we can offer our clients an independently certified Watertight product.  This can be offered as an additional service upon request.