Bespoke Concrete Mix Designs


McGrath quarries have always worked closely with their clients, to ensure project requirements are meet.  Throughout the years this collaboration has brought McGraths the knowledge and expertise’s to problem solve solutions for clients, in the form of value added bespoke concrete mix designs.

Bespoke mix designs developed by McGraths to aid customers in various ways to achieve project goals, while minimizing on-site engineering challenges.  Across all industries within the construction environment today, the common struggle is restricted timelines – our bespoke mix designs have assisted clients to reduce their timelines for project delivery, by solving engineering challenges, while also helping to minimize on-site health and safety risk.

A sample of our client’s past requirements for bespoke mix design development would be:

  • Flowable fills and foamed concrete,
  • High end exposure classes,
  • Sulfate resistant concrete,
  • Rapid setting or extended working life concrete,
  • Flowable fills and foamed concrete,
  • High early or ultimate strength concrete,
  • Underwater or watertight construction,
  • High quality surface finish or architectural enhancements,
  • Long and complex pumping distances / Multi stage pumping,
  • Reduced Thermal Conductivity concrete,