Polished Concrete


Polished concrete floors are fast becoming the must-have surface for commercial buildings, new builds, and extensions.  There are various particle reasons for this materials success.

It is an excellent energy-saving solution thanks to its thermal mass and ability to retain heat. Concrete retains absorbed heat for long periods of time, moderating indoor temperature fluctuations. It is ideal for both underfloor heating and as part of a passive solar house.

Of course, the most obvious reason polished concrete has become the floor of choice is because of its fabulous aesthetic. Depending on your taste, you can choose to grind down deep into your concrete slab and expose the various aggregate (stones) in your concrete. This can then be brought up to a matt or super shiny surface. Or you may prefer the more monotone look of concrete; this is where the first grind is shallow, exposing very little aggregate and then polished up to the desired shine.   Polished concrete has fantastic light-reflective properties. A polished concrete floor will reflect any natural or artificial light, which not only looks stunning but also cuts down on your lighting costs! 

A polished concrete floor will last the lifetime of your building. Another great advantage is its low maintenance attributes. All it takes is regular mopping with a pH-neutral soap and a quick buff to help it retain its lustre. No cyclical stripping, re-varnishing or re-polishing required! In fact, overall maintenance is reduced by 60% when compared with other surfaces. 


McGraths can offer extensive design when considering the materials for your Polished Concrete floors.  


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