Ready Mix Concrete

‘’ The natural ingredients of concrete combine to form a remarkably strong, durable and economical building material that has been benefiting mankind for millennia ‘’

‘’The most widely used construction material on earth, concrete has the longest lifespan of any traditional building material, used to create structures that still stand after more than 2,000 years ‘’

McGrath Quarries are one of the leading concrete suppliers to the Munster Region.

From our locations in Tulla, Co. Clare, Herbertstown, Co. Limerick and Kilfinnane, Co. Limerick we produce & deliver Ready-Mix concrete to meet all of our customer’s specific requirements. McGrath Quarries ready-mix concrete is a versatile, cost-effective building material which is crucial in a wide range of construction including domestic, commercial, agricultural & major civil engineering projects. All our concrete is NSAI accredited for I.S.EN 206:2013, which is achieved through continuous conformity audits. Over the years, 70 to be exact, McGrath Quarries has become a front-runner in

producing and delivering top quality product to our customers throughout the Munster region. The vast customer base we have worked with over many years, is a true testimony to the quality of our products/materials, and also to our dedicated workforce of hardworking, skilled employees. We regularly evaluate our facilities and equipment; our high-quality batching plants are well equipped to match the maximum output. All our equipment is well maintained and undergoes periodic performance assessments. All Concrete produced at our 3 locations is pre-mixed in our fully computerized and automated Batching Plants; we maintain our high standards for customers concrete, by sourcing high quality aggregate which is crushed and produced in our own quarry and local suppliers. Our ready-mix concrete can be tailored to suit specific requirements upon request; achieved by changing the proportion of water, aggregates and cement in the mix.

Admixtures are also used to customize some mixes. These admixtures are added to the batch immediately before or during mixing of the concrete. These can improve concrete quality, manageability, acceleration, or retardation of setting time, among other properties that could be altered to get specific results.

Once the concrete is batched to the exact quantity and specification required, it is then transported to site by a Ready-Mix truck.

Our batching plants can meet the demands of major construction projects and are equally equipped to supply concrete for residential uses such as foundations, driveways, garages and patios whilst operating to some of the highest standards in the industry.

In the past we have fully utilized our batching plants and truck fleet to achieve a 1200m³ pour in a 16-hr designated window, for commercial projects in Co. Limerick.

Our customers

We supply our high quality ready-mixed concrete to projects of all shapes and sizes and are proud to have been involved in some significant infrastructure projects like Adare Manor Refurbishment works, Limerick Regional Hospital, Ennis Regional Hospital, Johnson and Jonson Vistakon, to name a few.

We have designed a number of ready-mixed concretes specifically for the home. All products in our Home Range are hard wearing, easy to place and are suitable for a range of applications including foundations, paths, driveways and steps.

We also offer the farming industry our Farm Range: easy-to-use, durable concretes, which comply with all the relevant agricultural standards.

Bespoke concrete mixes such as adding colored dye to the mix is also available. See our full list below.

McGrath’s Ready-mix concrete includes the options:

  • Fine Aggregate or Coarse Aggregates
  • Range of fibres
  • Concrete Conveyor

Our trucks

McGraths large fleet of GPS Tracked concrete vehicles can offer its customers transportation efficiency for large concrete pours, as well as small 1 drop deliveries.

We deliver our products through our fleet of 52 vehicles.

Having an on-site garage ensures that not only are our trucks kept well maintained, but also that deliveries arrive to their destination on time, every time.

We deliver to most locations within a 70km radius of our plants.

Below are the locations of our concrete plants. Please click on the pin to bring up the address details as well as a link to more information on that particular plant.

Quality control

Concrete is a manufactured product. Specific control tests and evaluations are required during the manufacturing process to produce predictable high-quality concrete.

Quality Control is guaranteed through our on-site Quality Control lab which is run by our qualified Technician ensuring all concrete leaving the quarry is of the highest standard. Thus, adhering to good work practices such as the IS EN 206:2013 Ready Mix Concrete. Our in-house technician is fully trained with advanced concrete knowledge to provide the best possible quality of concrete using the best quality materials available to us.

What does 28 day strength mean? 

Concrete hardens and gains strength as it hydrates. The hydration process continues over a long period of time. It happens rapidly at first and slows down as time goes by. To measure the ultimate strength of concrete would require a wait of several years. This would be impractical, so a time period of 28 days was selected by specification writing authorities as the age that all concrete should be tested. At this age, a substantial percentage of the hydration has taken place. 

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