Top Soil

McGrath Quarries supply various grades of Crushed Stone from quarry rock to quarry dust so whatever your requirements are we can be of service to you.

During the construction process, for instance preparing a site for a new build, the natural topsoil gets stripped away and needs replacing or your garden will have very poor soil if any. New lawns, turf or seed needs between 5 to 10 cm of good topsoil to be able to root properly. REMOVE ?
Topsoil is the key ingredient for growing any plant or vegetable. This rich organic matter holds the nutrients needed for gardening within a few inches of the ground’s surface which is where plants tend to grow their roots.
Additionally, it is the basis for any general landscaping project.


  • Creating productive gardening beds. This is mixed with the existing soil to create a nutrient rich environment for plants to grow.
  • Creating Borders
  • Polytunnel
  • Repair Lawns. Topsoil can be used to fill in any holes or dips in lawns and also provides a base for turf laying.
  • The use of topsoil can help to improve drainage in areas of sites / lawns that tend to become waterlogged.
  • Can be used as a base for children’s play areas.

Which topsoil do I need? Whether you should choose screened or unscreened topsoil will depend on how you are going to be using it.

Topsoil is screened through a process whereby the soil passes through a mesh sieve which removes large stones and unwanted material. It will be loose and evenly sized to give you excellent drainage, as well as allowing nutrients and water to flow naturally through the soil enhancing the growth of your plants.

Which topsoil do I need? Whether you should choose screened or unscreened topsoil will depend on how you are going to be using it.

 Additionally, it can save you from extra work as the unwanted weeds will have been removed.

Unscreened Topsoil – Used mainly for general landscaping. If you are looking to repair your lawn, fill in holes or dips then the unscreened soil will be a sufficient and an affordable solution. This topsoil comes without having been broken down into fine particles, or had any large items removed from it so it is a mixture of small and large soil particles. This soil is well-suited as a base for creating a garden or for construction projects. It can also be used in raised beds once a top layer of screened topsoil is added.

Delivery – Topsoil can be delivered to your site in bulk loads (17T –20T)

Collection – Additionally, you can call & collect your load of topsoil from our premises, thus avoiding delivery charges.

Ton bags are also available to collect, offering cost-effective solutions to all your gardening needs