Cemfloor Offers A Number Of Benefits For The Domestic User Over Alternative Liquid Screeds

Cemfloor is extremely responsive to underfloor heating due to the fact that they can be laid in very thin sections. Underfloor heating has grown in popularity in recent years and it is becoming increasingly common for a screed to either contain or overlay an underfloor heating system. This may take the form of electric heating cables or warm water pipework. Almost invariably these screeds will be floating due to the need for there to be a layer of insulation under the heating system. In general, the screed would be installed as any other floating screed but it is likely that the inclusion of the heating system will necessitate a higher thickness. Often this will be defined as a minimum “cover” to pipework for example.

Underfloor heating systems are where the benefits of flowing screeds become even greater when compared to semi dry screeds. They can be laid thinner at typically 45 to 50mm for calcium sulphate or Cemfloor instead of 75mm for traditional screed. The screed will fully encapsulate the pipe, which is difficult to achieve with hand compacted materials, and the thermal conductivity is much better.


The commercial flooring market requires hardwearing and durable floors due to high traffic volumes, easy and fast to install, strength and cost effective. Cemfloor ticks all the boxes and it has been developed for optimum speed and suitable for bonded, unbonded and floating screeds. Cemfloor Screed is an ideal solution for commercial projects and is produced in accordance with BS EN 13813:2002 screed material and floor screeds. The installation time of Cemfloor screed is much less than that of traditional sand and cement screeds; therefore, the building time of the project is greatly reduced. Cemfloor can also be foot trafficked after 24 hours allowing other trades to continue working on the project after the screed has been installed.  Due to Cemfloors self-levelling properties smooth, level floors are easily achieved which simplifies the installation of the final floor coverings. Since Cemfloor is a cement based screed; there is less risk of chemical reactions taking place with other products such as tile adhesives and other cement based final floor surfaces.

Cemfloor is also ideally suited for use with underfloor heating due to its high thermal conductivity and reduced screed depths; this leads to a much more energy efficient and responsive heating system. Cemfloor is produced in ISO 9001, BSI & Kitemark certified batching plants and is delivered to site ready for use; this ensures that the product is consistent from batch to batch and eliminates any errors that can occur when products are mixed on-site in uncontrolled conditions.

Cemfloor can be tailored to various industries such as manufacturing, medical, hospitality, retail, warehousing etc.

Quality & Control

Quality control is essential to building a successful business that delivers products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

At Cemfloor our main goal is to provide a consistent, high-quality product every time it is installed. Rigorous testing is carried out at each stage of the production process to ensure that Cemfloor satisfies the needs of our customers and end users. We are strongly committed to providing solutions for our customers based on their specific needs and applications.

Cemfloor is only produced in mixing plants which have obtained ISO 9001 accreditation. All Cemfloor screed material and floor screeds are produced in accordance with BS EN 13813:2002.

To ensure a consistent high quality, Cemfloor screed mixes are designed for each of our distributors utilising the local materials which are available to them.

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