Certified Grolime

Certified Grolime

Grolime is a certified trademark of Grolime Ltd, only certain manufacturers of agricultural lime are authorised to use this trademark.  As a licenced and approved operator, McGrath Quarries offer the highest quality Grolime in an efficient and traceable manner, supplied direct to your property, on a deliver only or deliver and spread basis. 

Our quality control regime ensures our Grolime is manufactured in accordance with S.I 248/78 and is compliant with all regulatory requirements as set out by both the Department of Agriculture, Food, and the Marine and the Irish Concrete Federation. In fact, consistent independent testing of our product identifies McGrath Quarries Grolime as performing far above the required target levels with a (insert figure %) total neutralising value (TNV).  

Grolime is essential for productive grassland, enhancing the performance of slurry and chemical fertilizers while also correcting soil acidity. The pH level of soil plays a key role in the fertility of the land, when lime is added, it increases the pH level. This addition results in soils becoming less acidic and more alkaline, thereby restoring more favourable conditions for crop growth – for mineral soils, farmers should aim to maintain soils at pH 6.3 for grassland and 6.5 for tillage.  

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Our calcium-based Grolime is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and is suitable for organic growth. Grolime can also improve land drainage when the ratio or water, air, minerals and organic composition of the soil is correct. Post silage harvest or grazing is an ideal time to spread Grolime, but the finely crushed consistency of McGrath Quarries Grolime ensures it can be applied all year round. 

The financial benefits of using McGrath Quarries Grolime are quickly brought to the fore. According to Teagasc, a dairy farm making a €100 investment in lime will get an annual return of approximately €725 through extra grass production. This represents a return of €7.25 for every €1 invested in lime. Furthermore, this extra grass production also reduces the need for concentrates to be supplemented, thereby reducing farm feed bills and helping to deliver a positive return on investment which is crucial for all farming enterprises.  

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