Concrete Blocks

McGrath Quarries - manufacturing concrete blocks on-site since 2004.

Concrete blocks are the mainstay of modern construction techniques in Ireland for decades due to their versatility, durability, as well as providing excellent sound/ heat insulation and improved fire resistance.

Modern production techniques incorporating precision computerized machinery and quality quarry aggregates combine to produce a high-quality block, in terms of finish and strength.

We stock various types of blocks to cater for all our customer requirements. Blocks are delivered to site using truck mounted cranes.

Display of block types (choose best)
Display of block types (choose best)

The key benefits of McGrath Quarries Concrete Blocks Product range are:  

  • Standard and high compressive strength ranges available
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • High thermal capacity
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Reduced carbon production, with inclusion of GGBS CEM???tbc
  • Provides enhanced ‘key’ for direct plastering
  • Cost effective
  • Long term durability
  • Hollow and solid format available
  • McGrath Quarriers manufacture the following block sizes: Block Table below

    Quality Control

    During production our on-site technician regularly monitors both the visual texture and heights of the concrete blocks produced. They take samples of each day’s production after the blocks of concrete have cured sufficiently.

    When properly cured the blocks are then strapped by means of an automatic strapping machine which travels the full length of the row of blocks. These concrete blocks are then collected off the ground by our forklifts and brought to the stacking area designated for extra curing time. After these newly made concrete blocks have been thoroughly examined by our quality control department, they are then given the all clear for delivery to customers.

    These Blocks are produced to the highest standard ‘I.S. EN 771-3:2011 Specification for Masonry Units – Part 3: Aggregate Concrete Masonry Units using an NSAI, System 2+ Certificate of factory production control’, complying with our sustainability goals, we utilize the natural limestone aggregates sourced in our quarry in O’Callaghan Mills throughout the production process.

    To help meet the stringent quality requirements set out in EN771-3, our Quality Control team avail of our on-site concrete laboratory to test the block products in accordance with EN771-3 (Weekly)).  This ensures that the quality, strength and reliability of each block is maintained. 

    All our blocks are available in large bales. These large bales make for easy transportation and storage.

    Blocks - Block Machine-min


    Our own modern fleet of tipper trucks and specialized crane-lorries ensure a reliable and speedy delivery. 

    Material can also be collected from us and loaded onto any suitable vehicle or trailer.

    Loads can consist of a combination of block sizes. Part loads by arrangement.

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