Permeable Concrete


Given the change of approach from designers & planners in the recent past, when considering surface water run off from impermeable areas such as roofs, footpaths and car parks, which would have been previously managed by piping or draining to large storage tanks or into nearby streams / surface water drainage.  But due to the affects of increased rain fall amounts, this older method of surface water management increases the risk of flash floods and potential pollution of local water courses.  Designers and Planners are now favoring the employment of SuDS (sustainable urban drainage system) in all new developments

Due to the growth of SuDS (sustainable urban drainage system) and permeable paving within construction today, McGraths have developed their ‘Zero Fines’ mix designs to help customers receive a concrete which is highly porous. 

Our mixes use single sized aggregates with cement which gives the material its hydrological properties.  This concrete can also be considered by designers when thermal conductivity is a requirement, I.e. infill over electrical ducts etc..  Although the finished material isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing - it does have approx. 50% more effective thermal conductivity properties than conventional concrete.

Permeable Concrete Sample

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