Smithstown Light Engineering

Category: Engineering / Manufacturing

McGrath Quarries is a leading supplier of concrete and construction materials in Ireland. In 2019, they were approached by Smithstown Light Engineering to supply ‘EN206 certified Readymix concrete’ and ‘Piling mix’ for their production floor. The project presented several challenges that required careful planning and execution.

The first challenge was the requirement for an industrial floor with a high UDL trafficking load rating. To meet this challenge, McGrath Quarries provided a high-strength concrete mix that incorporated fibre reinforcement. The fibre reinforcement provided additional tensile strength and helped to reduce the potential for cracking under heavy loads. McGrath Quarries also worked closely with the construction team to ensure that the concrete was laid to a high standard and cured properly to maximise its strength and durability. The main contractor, Dinform Construction, created a tight schedule for 2nd large floor area concrete pours that ensured the specification of the finished floors were of the highest standard. McGraths Quarries worked closely with Dinform construction to provide large volumes of continuous concrete supply.

The second challenge was the need for a mix design that would provide high resistance to shrinkage cracking, rapid curing, and high workability. McGrath Quarries provided a specialised mix that incorporated shrinkage-reducing admixtures and accelerators to provide rapid curing. The mix was also designed to have high workability, which made it easier to place and level on the production floor.

Overall, McGrath Quarries successfully delivered the required construction materials for Smithstown Light Engineering’s production floor, and played a crucial role in ensuring the project was completed to a high standard. The high-strength concrete mix and specialised mix design provided the required level of strength, durability, and workability for the industrial floor, which will support the company’s production activities for years to come.


Category: Engineering/Manufacturing

Materials supplied:

  • EN206 certified Readymix Concrete
  • Piling mix


Construction: 2019

Structural Engineering: Con O’Regan

Main Contractor: Dinform Construction