Beckman Coulter

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McGrath Quarries is a leading supplier of construction materials in the Irish market. They provide a wide range of products and services including quarrying, aggregates, readymix concrete, and concrete blocks. One of our latest projects was to supply EN206 certified Readymix concrete and Certified Limestone to Beckman Coulter, Co. Clare.

Beckman Coulter required a custom concrete mix that provided high resistance to shrinkage cracking, rapid curing, and high workability for their new building construction. The concrete mix design required careful development and testing to ensure it met the required specifications. The challenge was to produce a consistent mix that would meet the standards required for the construction.
Another challenge was the large continuous pumping pours required for the project. Continuous pumping requires a high level of precision to ensure that the concrete is delivered to the site in a consistent and timely manner. Our standby batching plant utilisation was also required in order to ensure that there was enough concrete available for the large pours.
The project also required the supply of Certified Limestone to meet the required building standards. This added to the complexity of the project, as it was necessary to ensure that the limestone met the required specifications.

McGrath Quarries began by working closely with Beckman Coulter to develop a custom concrete mix that met their specific requirements. The mix was carefully tested and refined. This involved a significant investment in time and resources to ensure that the mix was consistent and met the required standards.
To ensure that the large continuous pumping pours were successful, McGrath Quarries implemented a number of measures. We used advanced concrete pumping equipment that was capable of delivering the concrete to the site with high precision. We also carefully monitored the concrete mix to ensure that it was consistent and that there were no issues with the pumping process.
In addition to the custom concrete mix, McGrath Quarries also supplied Certified Limestone to meet the required building standards and the necessary specifications.

The project was completed successfully and on-time. The custom concrete mix developed by McGrath Quarries met the requirements set out by Beckman Coulter.
The supply of Certified Limestone also met the required building standards. The McGrath Quarries website has since been updated to showcase the success of this project. The case study highlights our ability to work closely with our clients to develop custom solutions that meet their specific requirements. It also demonstrates our expertise in large concrete pumping pours and the supply of Certified Limestone.


Category: Pharma

Materials supplied:

  • EN206 certified Ready-mix Concrete
  • Certified Limestone


Construction: 2018/19

Architect: Noel Kerley Architects

Structural Engineering: CS Consulting

Main Contractor: Brian O’Connell Ltd