Adare Manor Re-Development Project

Category: Luxury Hotels and Tourism

Adare Manor is a historic landmark located in County Limerick, Ireland.

The luxurious hotel and golf resort have undergone a massive redevelopment project in recent years, which has seen the addition of a new wing, a ballroom, and extensive renovations to the existing buildings. As a Ready-Mix Concrete supplier, McGrath Quarries was an essential part of this redevelopment project, providing high-quality concrete that met the exacting standards of the architects and construction teams.

The project was a significant undertaking, requiring large quantities of concrete for the new buildings’ foundations, walls, and floors. The McGrath Quarries’ team was involved in every stage of the process, working closely with the construction teams to ensure that the right mix of concrete was delivered to the site at the right time. The project’s scale and complexity demanded an expert and knowledgeable supplier, and McGrath Quarries’ experience and expertise were invaluable.

The redevelopment project at Adare Manor was a showcase for modern construction techniques, and the use of concrete played a significant role. The concrete used was of the highest quality, with a strength of 60N, making it ideal for large-scale construction projects like this. The durability and strength of the concrete ensured that the new buildings were solid and long-lasting, while also meeting the architects’ design requirements.

The McGrath Quarries team played a critical role in ensuring that the concrete was delivered to the site on time, every time. This involved a carefully planned logistics operation that took into account the project’s size and scale. With multiple teams working on different parts of the construction project, it was crucial that the concrete was delivered to the right place at the right time.

The team at McGrath Quarries take great pride in our work, knowing that the concrete we provided played a vital role in the Adare Manor redevelopment project’s success. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that the concrete met the architects’ and construction teams’ exacting standards.

The Adare Manor redevelopment project was a significant achievement, both in terms of its scale and its quality. The use of high-quality Ready-Mix Concrete was an essential part of this success, and McGrath Quarries was proud to be involved in the project. Our expertise and experience in supplying top-quality concrete played a vital role in delivering a project of this scale and complexity, and we look forward to working on many more exciting construction projects in the future.

Materials supplied:

  • EN206 certified Readymix Concrete
  • EN8771-3 certified Concrete Blocks

Construction: 2016/2017
Architect: Reardon Smith Architects
Structural Engineering: Punch Consulting Engineers
Main Contractor: John Paul Construction

Adare Manor